Spoil your mom with these new (and old) T-Mobile deals on the iPhone 15, Apple Watch SE 2, and more

Spoil your mom with these new (and old) T-Mobile deals on the iPhone 15, Apple Watch SE 2, and more

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Mother’s Day is creeping up fast, and if you’re not careful, you could end up empty-handed or desperately hunting for the perfect gift at a decent price in the eleventh hour. Last-minute perfection is clearly impossible to achieve when shopping for one of the most important people in your life, but that’s where T-Mobile comes in today, unveiling a couple of killer new tech deals and reminding us a few older ones are still a thing with plenty of time left to May 12.

Whether you want to spoil your mom with a new iPhone, new Apple Watch, or… both of those devices at the same time, the nation-leading “Un-carrier” has you covered right now, allowing you to spend little to no money with little to no effort while making sure you still look like the world’s most thoughtful son or daughter.

Get your free iPhone 15 today and a free second-gen Apple Watch SE starting Thursday!

These are not entirely new either, but they’re definitely worth highlighting as you seek the best way to get the best phone out there with the minimal amount of spending. It’s obviously always great to have options, and depending on how flexible you want your iPhone 15 deal to be and exactly how you define that flexibility, you can reach the $0 expense mark on one of several different paths.
You can go for a pricey new line of Go5G Next service and a number port-in, opt for a trade-in and either a Go5G Next or Go5G Plus plan, and last but not least, you can even claim your gratis iPhone 15 unit (after bill credits) with a trade-in and a lower-cost Magenta plan. Just be sure to carefully consider all your options and maybe even reach out to customer support to make the best decision both for your short and long-term finances.
Once that’s done, you should probably think about getting your mom a 2022-released Apple Watch SE as well. There’s no such thing as too much generosity for the woman that’s carried you in her womb for a full nine months, and starting this Thursday, April 25, you’ll be able to “buy” Apple‘s latest budget smartwatch for $0 anyway. 

That deal will obviously come with a few strings of its own, but nothing too inconvenient. You’ll just need to add a new “qualifying” watch line to your new or existing account, and in case you favor the 44mm variant over a base 40mm model, you’ll have to cough up $30. There are no trade-ins required and pretty much nothing else to keep in mind before deciding to pull the trigger.

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But wait, there’s more!

Curiously enough, T-Mobile has chosen not to advertise a deal that’s at least as compelling as that Apple Watch SE 2 promotion and that was apparently kicked off just last week with minimal fanfare.

For a presumably limited time only, you can get up to $380 off Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6, Watch 6 Classic, Watch 5 Pro, and Watch 4 with a new line of service and no trade-in or other strings attached. That makes the non-Classic Galaxy Watch 6 free for both new and existing subscribers in both 40 and 44mm sizes, and if your mom happens to use an Android handset instead of an iPhone, this is clearly a much better choice than the aforementioned second-gen Apple Watch SE.
T-Mo is also advertising a half-off iPad 9 offer as an inspired Mother’s Day purchase on a tight budget, but with a bunch of new iPads right around the corner, we’re not sure we’d recommend spending… well, anything on such an old Apple tablet at the moment.

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