Snapseed for Android continues to live on with a new minor update

Snapseed for Android continues to live on with a new minor update

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Snapseed, the classic and beloved photo editing app, has recently seen a series of small updates for its Android version. This comes as no surprise to long-time users, who have noticed the app has been in a bit of a maintenance mode for the past several years.

Google acquired Nik Software, the original developer behind Snapseed, back in 2012. Since then, the app has experienced a major redesign in 2017 and the addition of a dark theme a year later. However, substantial feature updates have been less frequent.

In 2023, Snapseed saw two updates with noticeable version number jumps within a few months. This week, version 2.22 was released, approximately eight months after the previous update. This latest version, which has been gradually rolling out since last week, doesn’t appear to offer any significant changes for users at first glance.

Snapseed on the Google Play Store

While some might worry that the app is showing its age, Snapseed’s continued existence seems likely, as it remains a popular choice for many due to its local, server-free operation and simple yet powerful interface. The app’s design allows users to quickly make edits by swiping up and down to navigate different aspects of the image and left and right to adjust values, offering an efficient mobile editing experience. With such a loyal fan base, it’s no surprise that Google continues to maintain it even when the company offers a branded competing app.Google Photos, with its Magic Editor and AI-powered tools, is certainly Google’s flagship photo editing platform. It offers advanced AI-powered editing tools that have now recently become open to use for everyone. However, Snapseed’s unique user interface and streamlined approach continue to hold a place in the hearts of many photographers and casual editors alike.

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This latest update might be small, but it signals Google’s ongoing commitment to maintaining this well-loved app, much to the relief of its dedicated user base.

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