Snag the fantastic Edge (2023) at $250 off via Amazon

Snag the fantastic Edge (2023) at $250 off via Amazon

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The Edge+ (2023) is fantastic and all, but what if you can’t shell out $600 for your new Android phone? If you don’t mind making a few compromises, the regular non-Plus Edge is the one for you. This phone is almost as good as its flagship sibling, but it comes at a much more affordable prices. Especially now, when the Motorola phone again sells at $250 off its price tag on Amazon, saving you 42%!

We first noticed this smashingly good offer back during the Black Friday savings event. But both the official store and Amazon have launched it on multiple occasions since then, so you might have already seen it. Still, we don’t judge deals by their uniqueness – saving big is the most important factor to us. And, at 42% off (before trade-ins), this phone gives you way more bang for your buck.

Granted, the Edge (2023) lacks its Plus family member’s mind-blowing 165Hz refresh rates, but it doesn’t fall all that behind. It features a 6.6-inch 144Hz pOLED screen with HDR10+ support, giving you smooth sailing along the way. You’ve also got a dual camera setup on the rear with a 50MP primary unit that performs respectably for its current price.

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Without a doubt, the MediaTek Dimensity 7030 isn’t as impressive as what we have under the Edge+ (2023) hood. But it still gets the job done pretty well – app switching, browsing, and all the standard stuff run smoothly and with no issues. This phone additionally packs a 4,400mAh battery with 68W wired charging speeds and 15W wireless charging. While its larger family member has a larger battery, its charging speeds are identical.

Given that its biggest rival, the Pixel 8, is nowhere near as affordable at the time of writing, this handsome fella is undoubtedly a great option. Those who find endless edge displays attractive might be especially tempted by this exceptional offer on its Edge (2023). If you’re one of those, take advantage soon, for we don’t know how much longer Amazon will keep it live.

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