Smashing deal lands the timeless 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic under $300 on Amazon

Smashing deal lands the timeless 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic under $300 on Amazon

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What if we told you a deal lets you snag the larger version of the timeless Galaxy Watch 6 Classic for under $300? We’re not joking around! Amazon indeed sells the 47mm Bluetooth-only model at a smashing bargain price. If you’re quick enough, you can save 31% on one of the best Galaxy watches.

The limited-time 31% markdown equates to $132 in savings. That’s a legendary deal through and through, particularly because it’s not a third-party seller offering it. No, it’s Amazon itself that has gone so astonishingly generous, and for the first time at that! Indeed, as far as we know, this particular version hasn’t been sold by the merchant (again, not a third-party store) at such low prices before!

This smartwatch may not offer the same battery life as, for example, the Garmin Vivoactive 5. But it ticks pretty much all the other boxes! Firstly, it has a great design that doesn’t just look amazing but is incredibly robust. The wearable also packs all the features you could possibly need for day-to-day use. The best part? It won’t set you back a hefty $430, so long as you’re quick enough to get it through Amazon’s limited-time deal.
Samsung missed no sensor or feature here, so you have everything from an ECG app and BIA sensor to fitness and safety tracking and beyond. What’s particularly cool here is that the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic can actually alert you if it senses irregularities in heart rate. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about this, but it’s nice to know you get this potentially life-saving feature nevertheless.
What about its battery life? We’ve measured the wearable to easily last over 36 hours between charges with regular usage, which is mostly on par with what most other smartwatches for Android lovers offer.

There’s just no denying it: at Amazon that price, the Watch 6 Classic is a sure hit for just about any Galaxy user on the lookout for their next wearable. Bear in mind that such handsome offers rarely remain live for long at the e-commerce store. So, if you’d like a new Samsung timepiece for less than $300, now’s the time to act.

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