Siri has a new look and becomes more helpful in iOS 18

Siri has a new look and becomes more helpful in iOS 18

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Siri has a new look in iOS 18 starting with a new icon that resembles the infinity symbol inside a circle. In addition, when Siri has been activated, you will see a glowing light around your device. Siri will now help you learn how to use “thousands of questions” about how to use your Apple device. And when you need Siri to take action between apps, the virtual digital assistant will be there for you.

For example, Siri will help you send a news article you’ve seen in Apple News to the Messages app so you can quickly share it with others. With Apple Intelligence, Siri will be able to understand what information you’re looking for using a regular conversational tone. For example, you might ask Siri for information about a specific location and continue with follow-up queries without using the name of the location and Siri will understand exactly what you mean.

The updated Siri will be able to go through any system app including Messages, Mail, and Photos, to help answer a question you need answered. For example, if you can’t remember what time you are supposed to meet your mother at a certain restaurant, Siri will go through your apps to find any information such as an email or a text that includes the information and pass it along to you.

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