See Xiaomi’s electric car, the SU7, in its first reported accident

See Xiaomi’s electric car, the SU7, in its first reported accident

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Remember the Xiaomi SU7 Max (pictured above)? This beast is part of Xiaomi’s SU7 electric car lineup, consisting of the Xiaomi SU7, the SU7 Pro, and the SU7 Max.

The ‘vanilla’ SU7 has its first reported accident, apparently. There are reports that a SU7 car has collided with a white Mercedes-Benz recently, with the German unit suffering serious damage.

There are a couple of photos circulating online depicting a crash between the aforementioned rides, marking what might be the first reported accident for Xiaomi’s new EV (Electric vehicle).

The images reveal considerable damage: the Mercedes has a shattered right headlight, a distorted hood, and a damaged front bumper and grille. The Xiaomi SU7 suffered major impacts on its right side, with two doors damaged and its airbags deployed (via Gizmochina).

The car’s owner, popular Chinese social media influencer “Big Lizi Qiqili,” explained that the accident happened while a colleague was filming and involved both vehicles moving on green lights. The traffic police reportedly determined that the influencer’s driver was entirely at fault.

Following the crash, the influencer provided updates on the car’s condition. An emergency call was automatically made from the car to assess the situation. Despite the severity of the crash, the vehicle’s internal features such as the airbags, rear flat panel, door handles, and doors remained functional.

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The damaged SU7 was later sent to a service center for repairs. Fortunately, minor injuries were reported for both the influencer’s driver and the other driver involved. The influencer has used this incident as a reminder of the importance of driving safely.

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