Samsung’s ‘vanilla’ Galaxy Tab S9 is a superb iPad Air alternative at its new record high discount

Samsung’s ‘vanilla’ Galaxy Tab S9 is a superb iPad Air alternative at its new record high discount

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If you can’t afford Apple’s impressive new iPad Pros with M4 processing power and are unsure if the latest iPad Air generation is right for you, it might be worth considering the Galaxy Tab S9 as well right now. That’s technically a high-end Android tablet with some pretty advanced specs in tow, but for an undoubtedly limited time only, it can be had at a decidedly mid-range price in one storage configuration and one single hue.

We’re talking about a beige-coated Tab S9 with 128 gigs of local digital hoarding room (and a microSD card slot), which Amazon is currently selling for a whopping 200 bucks less than usual. That appears to be a new record high discount for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2-powered 11-incher, at least without an obligatory trade-in or various other strings attached.

You obviously don’t have to jump through any hoops whatsoever to take advantage of Amazon’s latest and greatest Galaxy Tab S9 deal, but you are strongly advised to hurry. Seeing as how the exact same device in the same entry-level storage variant but a graphite colorway is only marked down by a humble $100 from its $799 list price, there’s definitely a good chance that this $200 discount will go away in a matter of hours. A day or two, tops.

Not quite as impressive as its bigger brothers (obviously) and nowhere near as advanced as a brand-new (and super-costly) iPad Pro, the non-Plus and non-Ultra Galaxy Tab S9 is arguably fast, pretty, robust, and feature-packed enough to both justify its massively reduced price and give the iPad Air with Apple M2 inside a run for its money.

After all, we are talking about a razor-thin and incredibly lightweight slate here made from a premium combination of metal and glass, which somehow hides a hefty 8,400mAh battery equipped with 45W charging technology under its hood while promising to stay up-to-date from a software standpoint for many years to come.

All of that, as well as the Tab S9‘s built-in S Pen, manageable size, and silky smooth interface, managed to impress us enough to deem this a worthy iPad alternative when comprehensively reviewing it last year… before any deals and discounts. You do the math and let us know where that leaves the cheaper-than-ever AMOLED 11-incher today.

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