Samsung’s gargantuan Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ mid-ranger scores a fittingly huge $120 Amazon discount

Samsung’s gargantuan Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ mid-ranger scores a fittingly huge $120 Amazon discount

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Do you consider bigger tablets to be better than more compact models but can’t afford to splash the cash on the largest Galaxy Tabs or Apple iPads out there? You could always opt for a 12.4-inch Tab S9 FE+ instead of an obscenely priced Tab S9+ with the exact same screen real estate, and if you do so right now, you get the rare opportunity of spending a cool 120 bucks less than usual.

Yes, Amazon is selling Samsung‘s jumbo-sized Android mid-ranger for 20 percent under its $599.99 list price in an entry-level 128GB storage configuration and two color options, and because this is Amazon we’re talking about, you obviously don’t need to trade anything in or meet any special requirements to qualify for that massive discount.
As far as we can tell, these gray and lavender flavors are now cheaper than ever before, although the silver version that’s weirdly marked down by only $100 at the time of this writing has actually been discounted slightly more steeply last month.
For those who don’t know (or simply don’t remember), the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus was unveiled alongside its non-Plus sibling back in the fall of 2023, which doesn’t necessarily mean a sequel is coming in just a few months.
Instead, we think there’s a very good chance this relatively affordable bad boy will be left to rival the new and old iPad Airs for at least another year or so. Way cheaper than an Apple M2-powered iPad Air (2024) with a 13-inch screen, the Tab S9 FE+ holds a pretty obvious advantage over the 2022-released 10.9-inch iPad Air in its extra-large IPS LCD panel with 90Hz refresh rate technology.
Unlike all of Apple’s best iPads, this thing also comes with a stylus as standard, which naturally improves its value proposition, as does the microSD card slot, for instance. Of course, the Exynos 1380 processor under the hood of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus is nowhere near as potent as an Apple M1 or M2 chipset, but it pretty much goes without saying that you can’t have it all at that newly reduced and very competitive price. 

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