Samsung teams up with IBM to offer customers increased mobile device security

Samsung teams up with IBM to offer customers increased mobile device security

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Samsung is joining forces with IBM to provide customers with better mobile device security, the South Korean company announced this week. Samsung will offer enterprise customers a new solution later this year, which integrates on-device intelligence from Samsung Knox mobile devices security platform into IBM Security QRadar Suite, a threat detection and response solution.The new integration promises to offer added visibility via a “single pane of glass” experience into an organization’s mobile devices and accelerate the ability of security analysts to respond to threats.

Furthermore, Samsung says that its unique approach will help preserve privacy while providing the required visibility to the Security Operations Center (SOC) for enhanced threat intelligence and management.

The South Korean giant announced that all Security Operations Centers that use IBM QRadar Suite will have access to on-device threat intelligence from Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, as well as centralized visibility into vulnerabilities.

The partnership between Samsung and IBM aims to integrate a mobile device provider into the SOC, thus improving organizations’ capabilities to offer proactive risk mitigation via a more efficient security approach.

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