Samsung starts rolling out AI-packed One UI 6.1 to Galaxy Z Fold 4 units

Samsung starts rolling out AI-packed One UI 6.1 to Galaxy Z Fold 4 units

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Released in 2022, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has started to receive the AI-packed One UI 6.1 update in South Korea which means that the update should be coming soon to your Galaxy Z Fold 4 unit.The update is version F936NKSU2FXDC and it weighs in at 2.8GB. To install the update go to Settings > Software update > Download and install. Other models that have received One UI 6.1 include the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Among the extremely useful AI features is Live Translate. This will allow users on a phone call with someone speaking a different language to hear a live translation of what the person on the other end of the call is saying and vice versa. A seamless phone conversation can take place between two people who don’t naturally understand what the other party is saying. 

Per SamMobile, other AI features in One UI 6.1 include:
  • Browsing Assist-shows AI-created summaries of webpages and articles viewed on a mobile browser.
  • AI Generated Wallpaper-uses generative AI to generate wallpapers using text prompts.
  • Chat Assist-translates text messages into your preferred language.
  • Circle to Search-draw a circle around an item to get search results about the item from Google Search.
  • Edit Suggestions-Samsung Keyboard uses AI to make suggestions to improve users’ grammar and spelling. It also makes writing suggestions.
  • Generative Edit-AI delivers advanced photo editing such as accurately removing objects and correcting the angles and alignments of images.
  • Interpreter-provides face-to-face real-time translation when speaking to someone who speaks a different language than you.
  • Note Assist-Summarizes notes in the Samsung Notes app and also formats handwritten notes.
  • Transcript Assist-Transcriptions of voice recordings and auto-tagging of people using the Samsung Voice Recorder.
These are all great examples of how AI features can be extremely helpful in making life easier day-to-day. Summaries and real-time language translation can be huge time savers.

If you own a Galaxy Z Fold 4 and you don’t live in South Korea, get ready. The update with One UI 6.1 is coming your way.

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