Samsung Research and Arm working together on “key” 6G technology

Samsung Research and Arm working together on “key” 6G technology

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We have about six years left before 5G fades out and is replaced by 6G and its expected 1Tbps download data speeds. Obviously, there is a lot more work that needs to be done before we can even start imagining what 6G will be like. Today Samsung Research, the R&D unit belonging to Samsung Electronics, announced that it has teamed up with semiconductor and software design company Arm to work on one of the key next-generation software technologies that will be necessary for a successful launch of 6G connectivity.

The pair will team up to begin an open-source project to develop and refine parallel packet processing technology. The technology is used to process packets of data using a wide variety of algorithms as the data moves through a communications network. The two companies hope to speed up the development of this technology since it is used to process huge amounts of communications data and it needs to be ready when 6G networks are ready to be turned on. If Samsung and Arm can move the timeline forward for the development of parallel packet processing technology, perhaps we can see 6G launch earlier than expected.

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Jinguk Jeong, Executive Vice President at Samsung Research’s Advanced Communications Research Center (ACRC) said, “In 6G communications, the importance of software technology is increasing. Innovation is crucial in handling the massive amounts of data that result from this. This technical partnership with Arm is a significant step towards revolutionizing parallel technology.”

You can’t talk about wireless service these days without having to throw in a mention of AI. Mohamed Awad, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Line of Business at Arm said, “AI is fueling the demand for next-generation technologies like 6G, but the insatiable amount of data creates a vital need for power-efficient processing. We are leveraging our expertise in high-performance, low-power and flexible computing by collaborating with Samsung Research to accelerate the 6G software development and enable the AI infrastructure to run as efficiently as possible.”

With the amount of data expected to grow significantly with the launch of 6G networks, Samsung Research and Arm say that “parallel packet processing technology can contribute to the establishment of flexible and efficient communication systems.”

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