Samsung opens second chance at enrolling previously-purchased devices in its protection plan

Samsung opens second chance at enrolling previously-purchased devices in its protection plan

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For the first time ever, Samsung has announced that it is extending a lifeline to Galaxy S24, Z Fold5, and Z Flip5 users who may have initially opted out of Samsung Care+. This open enrollment period is a first for the company’s comprehensive device protection plan, offering a second chance to secure your investment against a wide range of mishaps.

As much as we take care of our devices to protect them from any kind of damage, accidents do happen to all of us. The Galaxy S24 series and the latest foldable devices, just like any other device, isn’t immune to this. From accidental drops and spills to unexpected malfunctions, the unexpected can happen at any time. However, for those situations, Samsung users have the option of enrolling in Samsung Care+ when purchasing a Samsung device. This plan provides comprehensive coverage for all these scenarios, including unlimited repairs, same-day replacements in eligible areas, and protection against theft and loss.Samsung is fortunately armed with an extensive network of authorized service centers and certified technicians, which can pretty much ensure that help is never too far away. The company prides itself with having over 700 locations nationwide and a team of 9,000 skilled professionals. This, according to Samsung, assures its users that their devices will receive prompt and expert care should the need arise.

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This newly open enrollment period, available until June 30th, represents a valuable opportunity for Galaxy users. If you initially decided against enrolling in Samsung Care+, you now have a chance to reconsider and protect your device. For those who have already experienced the unexpected, this could be a chance to get your device back in working order without breaking the bank.

For further details and to enroll in Samsung Care+, you can visit the Samsung Care website. If you are a Samsung device owner, you definitely should not miss out on this unique opportunity to secure comprehensive protection for your Galaxy device.

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