Samsung once again trolls Apple with a new ad

Samsung once again trolls Apple with a new ad

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Samsung has done it again. The company, which counts Apple as a rival and major customer, has a history of releasing some amazing ads making fun of the Cupertino crew. Who could forget the commercials for the Galaxy S II that made fun of the long Apple Store lines that iPhone users had to endure back in the day? Those ads introduced us to the iPhone user who said that he couldn’t buy a Samsung because he is creative (which led his pal to say, “Dude, you’re a barista”).

Ah, there are so many to choose from. There is the Ingenious series which “starred” an Apple Genius who tried to sell the iPhone X only to find out from shoppers that Samsung’s current flagship had more features. Perhaps the best one was the ad that called iPhone users wallhuggers depicting them as desperate travelers who had to go searching for an outlet at the local airport because of the iPhone’s poor battery life at the time. You wouldn’t be able to run that ad these days.

Last week, in the wake of the “Let Loose” event, Apple released a video earmarked for television called “Crush” that was widely panned. The ad was supposed to focus on the thinner profile of the new iPad Pro models. Thanks to the use of OLED panels on the 11 and 13-inch models, no backlight is required which allowed Apple to reduce the thickness of the tablets to 5.3mm (11-inch) and 5.1 mm (13-inch).

The commercial showed a hydraulic press crushing guitars, arcade-style video games, records and record players, books, and more. The point, of course, is that a device that brings you all of these things and more-the iPad Pro-has been made thinner than ever. The criticism was loud and those complaining said that Apple was destroying cultural objects. Apple apologized and said, “We missed the mark” and canceled plans to use the video as a television ad.

But the ad did give Samsung the opportunity to troll Apple on its Samsung Mobile US “X” page. The company wrote in its tweet, “We would never crush creativity. #UnCrush” and included a video that shows the aftermath of the crushing. With broken items strewn all over the place, a woman finds a broken guitar and despite its condition, she is able to play a song that shows up on her Samsung Tab S9 series tablet.
On the screen, the words, “Creativity cannot be crushed” appear. And once again, Samsung has taken a shot at Apple.

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