Samsung Good Lock app arrives on the Google Play Store

Samsung Good Lock app arrives on the Google Play Store

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Samsung’s Good Lock app, meant for tweaking your Galaxy phone, used to be found solely on the Galaxy Store. But now, for the first time, it’s up for grabs on the Google Play Store, too.

Yet, despite its availability on the Google Play Store, Samsung’s Good Lock app remains exclusive to Galaxy devices, meaning it won’t function on other Android phones. Nonetheless, this move could potentially broaden the user base for Galaxy-specific tools and services in the future.

Good Lock is like a toolbox for customizing Samsung Galaxy phones. It offers various modules that allow you to tweak elements such as the lock screen, notifications, and the app launcher. In simple terms, it lets you personalize your phone and adjust its functionality to suit your preferences using different plugins and customizable UI elements.

Additionally, the One Hand Operation + module from Good Lock is also available on the Play Store. This app helps you navigate your device with ease using thumb gestures. Once activated, a thin gesture handle appears on either side of the screen. Just swipe this handle to perform assigned functions. By default, it serves as the back button, which is one of the most commonly used functions.

We will have to wait and see if other Good Lock modules will make it to the Play Store, offering a choice for Galaxy users. Expanding its app presence on Google Play may be a welcome change for Samsung users who prefer downloading, updating, and managing all their apps from one place.

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The Play Store also exposes Good Lock to a broader audience who might not have been aware of it before. This could potentially lead to more users discovering the customization options it offers.

It would also be great to see Samsung take advantage of this opportunity to make the Good Lock app and its modules available in more countries. There are still some markets where it hasn’t been introduced yet.

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