Samsung could add a groundbreaking new health tool and an Ultra model to the Galaxy Watch 7 series

Samsung could add a groundbreaking new health tool and an Ultra model to the Galaxy Watch 7 series

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As rumors of an Unpacked event taking place in the first half of July are heating up, the same thing is happening with some of the products Samsung is likely to unveil in less than three months. Those are expected to include new smartwatches and possibly upgraded earbuds as well in addition to the already comprehensively leaked Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 handsets.

The Galaxy Watch 7 family is in the spotlight today with not one but two very exciting rumors concerning branding and a possible expansion of an already robust health monitoring tool set.

An ultra-premium device deserves an Ultra name

Then there’s the rugged Apple Watch Ultra line that stands out from the Series 8 and Series 9 in a number of important ways, and before long, Samsung could also sell a Galaxy Watch Ultra with superior capabilities to the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch 7 Classic.

That’s right, Android Headlines expects all three of those monikers to be used this year, which means that we could get an entry-level sequel to the “regular” Galaxy Watch 6, a Watch 7 Classic with a rotating bezel, and an all-new Galaxy Watch Ultra (with no “7” in its name) likely to pack a gargantuan battery of 580mAh or so.
Of course, if Samsung wants to compete directly against Apple or Garmin’s rugged timepieces with this Galaxy Watch Ultra, a few key upgrades are required in departments like screen toughness, water and dust resistance, outdoor activity tracking, and even physical buttons.
While it’s too early for speculation on any of those fronts (especially with the Galaxy Watch Ultra label far from confirmed), we’re definitely intrigued by the possibility of seeing not two but three totally different smartwatches released by Samsung this summer.

Who will win the blood sugar race?

Just in case it wasn’t abundantly clear how much time big tech companies often spend researching, developing, and refining a single feature before rolling it out to the masses, we’d like to direct your attention today to the first rumors of a blood glucose-tracking Apple Watch on our little website here.
Believe it or not, those date back to 2014 (!!!), and something tells us Samsung started looking into the technology around the same time. Incredibly enough, the race between the two companies is still on, and it remains impossible to say if a Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch will be the first wearable device in the world to non-invasively monitor a user’s blood sugar levels.
What’s becoming clearer and clearer is that both tech giants are ramping up their efforts in this pivotal category of the health tracking industry, and both Samsung employees and Korean news outlets are throwing hints that the Galaxy Watch 7 family will indeed integrate this undoubtedly groundbreaking feature.

People already suffering from diabetes and those at high risk of being diagnosed with the disease would obviously relish the opportunity to monitor their blood glucose without constantly pricking their fingers or having to buy dedicated and often inaccurate electronic devices. 

But before you get too excited, you should keep in mind that such a revolutionary on-wrist technology would most likely have to go through a rigorous (and lengthy) approval process after its initial announcement. That’s been the case with ECG monitoring and is actually still the case with blood pressure tracking for Galaxy Watches stateside, so it’s definitely wise to adjust your blood sugar expectations accordingly.

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