Samsung bids farewell to its Tizen-powered smartwatches as they face their sunset

Samsung bids farewell to its Tizen-powered smartwatches as they face their sunset

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It is commonplace in the world of tech that even beloved devices eventually reach their end of life. Samsung, a major player in the smartwatch space, is now preparing to bid farewell to its Tizen-powered smartwatches, marking the conclusion of an era that began in 2018 with the original Galaxy Watch.The journey started with Tizen, Samsung’s proprietary operating system that many users found superior to Google’s Wear OS at the time. However, with the Galaxy Watch 4 in 2021, Samsung made the strategic shift to Wear OS, effectively leaving Tizen behind.

Now, thanks to reporting by Android Authority and Reddit user Seaweed_Maximum, we have a clearer picture of the timeline for Tizen’s sunset. It seems Samsung is gradually phasing out support for Tizen on its Galaxy Store. Starting September 30, 2024, the store will cease sales of paid Tizen watch content, followed by the discontinuation of free downloads on May 31, 2025. By September 30, 2025, even re-downloads from the “My Apps” section will be impossible, effectively closing the door on access to new or existing Tizen content.

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Samsung has also indicated that “core services” for Tizen watches will be discontinued after May 2025, although the Galaxy Store itself will remain operational. This termination schedule applies to all Samsung Gear smartwatches and Galaxy-branded Tizen watches, including the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active, and Galaxy Watch Active 2. Further confirmation of this shift can be found on the Tizen developer portal, which no longer accepts new watch apps or updates.While this news may sadden owners of older Galaxy Watches, it’s important to remember that the core functionality of these devices will continue for at least another year, with access to the Galaxy Store persisting even longer. The last Tizen-powered smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3, was released in 2020, so many users may already be considering an upgrade. Additionally, this phase-out does not affect Wear OS-based Samsung smartwatches released since the Galaxy Watch 4, as those devices will continue to receive updates and enjoy full access to the Galaxy Store.

The end of an era is always bittersweet, but it also paves the way for new beginnings. As Samsung shifts its focus entirely to Wear OS, we can anticipate significant advancements in the future of their smartwatch lineup. For now, Tizen users can cherish the remaining time with their beloved devices and perhaps start exploring the world of Wear OS in preparation for an eventual upgrade.

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