Rock-solid leaker expects Google’s Pixel 8a to start at the same US price as the Pixel 7a

Rock-solid leaker expects Google’s Pixel 8a to start at the same US price as the Pixel 7a

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If you were as disappointed as us to hear about Google’s potential Pixel 8a price hike over its predecessor several times in recent weeks, a hot new rumor could help turn that frown upside down today. That’s because the next-gen mid-ranger is now expected to start at $499 in the US by none other than Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @OnLeaks).

This is one of the most reputable mobile tech leakers in the world, and although everyone can get this type of prediction wrong from time to time, it’s hard to imagine that the latest Smartprix report will prove inaccurate.
After all, we’re only two weeks away from the Pixel 8a’s official launch at Google I/O 2024, and unlike previous gossip on the matter, this fresh leak explicitly tackles US pricing, suggesting a high degree of confidence on Steve H.’s part.

So should you wait for the Pixel 8a?

With the Pixel 7a, which was originally priced at $499, marked down by a whopping 150 bucks at multiple US retailers, the answer to that question is… unclear. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself, for instance, if 128 gigs of internal storage space is enough to keep your digital hoarding addiction in check.
Unlike its forerunner, the Pixel 8a is all but guaranteed to come in a second variant with 256GB storage as well, and according to today’s report, this could set you back $559 stateside, undoubtedly launching at the same time as the slightly humbler 128GB model.
At that price, however, you might as well consider the “vanilla” Pixel 8, which normally starts at $699 but is currently available for as little as $549. Of course, that’s with only 128 gigs of storage, while a 256GB configuration goes for $609 at the time of this writing after a substantial $150 discount of its own from a $759 list price.

Simply put, the Pixel 8a doesn’t exactly sound like the bargain of a lifetime at $499 and up either, but that’s still a lot better than a potential starting price of $549, which was previously rumored by a few different sources.

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These gorgeous new promo images show off three Pixel 8a hues… again

Far from the tech world’s best-kept secret, the Pixel 8a has been photographed many times and even captured on video once recently, revealing pretty much everything there is to know about its visual appearance (and more).

As such, the latest product depictions leaked ahead of the phone’s official announcement on May 14 don’t exactly bring anything shocking to the table, merely confirming (once again) that the Pixel 8a will look drop-dead gorgeous in a Mint shade.

The black (or “Obsidian”) and blue (aka “Bay”) models pictured today are themselves not ugly by any means, and the same goes for a white (or “Porcelain”) version that’s not depicted in this new report.

Under that very premium-looking hood that’s unfortunately likely to be made from plastic, Google‘s next candidate for the title of best budget 5G phone is expected to pack a state-of-the-art Tensor G3 processor and 8GB RAM. A 6.1-inch OLED display with cutting-edge 120Hz refresh rate technology should make the Pixel 8a easier to maneuver with one hand than most of the best Android phones out there, and a 4,500mAh battery is likely to further improve the already solid endurance between charges of the Pixel 7a.
The Pixel 8a doesn’t look like a pushover on paper in the camera performance department either, with its two rear-facing snappers being expected to retain the 64 and 13 megapixel counts of their predecessor while bumping up the actual quality of your photographs with the help of software and AI magic. Now who’s excited?

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