Respect: This Samsung factory accounts for a billion Galaxy phones

Respect: This Samsung factory accounts for a billion Galaxy phones

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Just 10 years after it was opened in 2014, Samsung’s Thai Nguyen (that’s in Vietnam) factory proudly celebrates a significant milestone of producing 1 billion mobile phone units.

SEVT, as the factory is known (that’s short for Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen) shares that the remarkable achievement is a source of pride, as few phone manufacturing plants worldwide have reached this milestone. That’s an automatically translated blog post from Samsung Vietnam reads.

The journey to the 1 billion-unit milestone was highlighted in a video presented at the event, showcasing historical milestones from 100 million to 900 million products, which were symbolized by “cups” carried to the stage by AMR (automated mobile robot) technology.

Here’s the list of the “cups” for each landmark:

  • Cup for 100 million units: Galaxy Note 5
  • Cup for 200 million units: Galaxy S7
  • Cup for 300 million units: Galaxy S8
  • Cup for 400 million units: Galaxy S9
  • Cup for 500 million units: Galaxy S10
  • Cup for 600 million units: Galaxy S20
  • Cup for 700 million units: Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Cup for 800 million units: Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Cup for 900 million units: Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Cup for 1 billion units: Galaxy S24 Ultra
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Each production milestone represents technological advancements, design enhancements, and features of the respective product lines. Since its inception, SEVT has been responsible for producing Samsung’s flagship product lines, particularly the conglomerate’s most premium products.Speaking at the event, Mr. Park Sung Ho acknowledged the contributions of all management levels, employees, and partners that led SEVT to this celebration:

Established in 2013 and officially operational since 2014, SEVT is Samsung’s largest export-oriented phone manufacturing plant globally. SEVT’s flagship products include smartphones and tablets. Samsung officially invested heavily in Vietnam in 2008 with Samsung Electronics Vietnam (SEV) in Bac Ninh. To date, Samsung has surpassed 2.13 billion smart devices in the Galaxy ecosystem manufactured in Vietnam.

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