Report says 2025’s iPhone Slim is a new premium model with a major redesign

Report says 2025’s iPhone Slim is a new premium model with a major redesign

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Earlier this month, we told you about a new iPhone model replacing the iPhone 17 Plus that would be called the iPhone 17 Slim. Based on a note to clients written by Jeff Pu, an analyst with Haitong International Securities, the iPhone 17 Slim would feature a 6.6-inch display. But today, we are hearing something different about the iPhone Slim based on a new report from The Information which says that Apple could price the new model above the iPhone 17 Pro Max model when the iPhone Slim is released in 2025.
While Apple is reportedly testing different designs, the iPhone Slim is expected to feature an aluminum body with smaller pill and hole cutouts for the front-facing camera and accompanying sensors according to three people with “direct knowledge of the matter.” Speaking of the front-facing camera, it is expected to be improved for FaceTime video calls and selfies. Another new look that Apple is said to be considering for the iPhone Slim would move the rear camera array from the upper left corner of the back panel to the top center.

The device will be powered by the A19 application processor and could be equipped with a screen somewhere between the 6.1-inch standard iPhone display, and the 6.7-inch screen size for the iPhone Pro Max model. And as you can tell by the name of the device (more on that below), the phone will be much slimmer than current iPhone handsets and would still replace the iPhone 17 Plus.

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The iPhone Slim will be the product of a major redesign and this new look is being compared to the difference in the appearance of the iPhone X compared to the iPhone 8 line (even though both were released in the same year, 2017). While the iPhone X brought many new features including an edge-to-edge OLED display, Face ID, thinner bezels, and a more modern appearance, it also brought with it a higher $999 price tag taking smartphone pricing into four-digit territory, something that the public has been dealing with since for flagship models. In other words, sticker shock might be a side-effect felt by those pricing the iPhone Slim next year.

While currently named the iPhone Slim in Pu’s note to clients, and in today’s report by The Information, this could be the long-awaited iPhone Ultra model that has been anticipated ever since Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra in 2022.

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