Remember Google’s Fitbit Sense 2? The smartwatch is now cheaper than ever!

Remember Google’s Fitbit Sense 2? The smartwatch is now cheaper than ever!

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Just a few days after Google reminded the entire tech industry that the Fitbit brand is still alive and well, the Sense 2 smartwatch appears to have dropped to a new record low price. That makes perfect sense (pun intended) when you think about the advanced age of this ultra-advanced health and fitness-focused timepiece, but of course, Big G could have simply discontinued the device nearly two years after its commercial debut without offering this latest and heftiest discount.

Interestingly, the Fitbit Sense 2 currently costs $199.95 instead of its $249.95 list price when purchased directly from Google’s official US e-store, while Amazon and Best Buy are letting you save another 10 bucks on top of that for a total discount of $60 (or 24 percent).

Before discarding that as a modest deal, you may want to remember that the Android and iOS-compatible smartwatch was actually originally priced at $299.95, which means that you’re looking at spending a whopping $110 less today than you would have in the fall of 2022.

Unlike the all-new Fitbit Ace LTE, the Sense 2 targets adults… and lacks standalone cellular connectivity, mainly aiming to help you get or stay in shape, as well as better manage your daily stress levels, keep an eye on your sleep quality, and last but not least, potentially even save your life with Apple and Samsung-rivaling ECG monitoring technology.
That 6-day battery life is probably the key selling point here, as well as the number one thing that makes the Fitbit Sense 2 a better option for many smartwatch buyers today than the likes of the Apple Watch Series 9 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. Will there ever be a Fitbit Sense 3? No one knows for sure, but the complete silence on the rumor front and the imminence of a Pixel Watch 3 make us very skeptical, which should in turn make you even more interested in picking up the Sense 2 at this killer price before it’s not too late.

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