Over 4,000 stores won’t sell OnePlus devices in this country, here’s the trouble

Over 4,000 stores won’t sell OnePlus devices in this country, here’s the trouble

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OnePlus may not be among the top choice brands throughout the USA and Europe, but it’s well-known and popular in the East, particularly in India. That’s why it’s a bit of a shock that over 20 retail chains and 4,300 stores in India will stop selling OnePlus devices from May 1 onwards.

According to an Android Headlines report, the Indian retailers are to stop selling OnePlus gadgets due to several issues. OnePlus’ future in the Indian market is uncertain due to ongoing issues with the South Indian Organized Retailers Association (ORA). The ORA recently sent a letter outlining the challenges Indian retailers have faced with OnePlus, leading to their decision to cease selling the company’s products.

Reportedly, OnePlus is facing criticism primarily for its business practices, a sentiment echoed not only by the ORA but also by the broader All India Mobile Retailer Association (AIMRA).

Effective May 1, OnePlus products will no longer be available at offline stores affiliated with the South Indian ORA, representing over 20 retail chains and 4,300 stores. This move poses a significant setback for OnePlus in one of its key markets unless the company can address the Association’s concerns.

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The ORA’s letter cited two main reasons for discontinuing OnePlus sales. Firstly, consumers experienced challenges when making warranty claims with OnePlus. There are alleged frequent delays in warranty and service claims, affecting both the OEM and the retailers.

Secondly, the ORA noted that retailers were selling OnePlus products at consistently low profit margins, which is unsustainable for businesses. Given the variety of brands they sell, dropping OnePlus seemed a practical solution, especially considering ongoing warranty and service claim problems.

Although OnePlus products will still be available on online platforms like Amazon India and Flipkart, losing the Indian offline market could be detrimental for OnePlus.

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