Opera Aria gets two new major AI-powered features

Opera Aria gets two new major AI-powered features

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Norwegian company Opera has just announced a new AI Feature Drop, an update that adds AI-powered features to its browser. This time around the Opera browser gains to major AI features that bring users the ability to generate images and read out lout text responses.

With the latest update, Opera’s Aria will be able to recognize if a user wants to generate an image based on the conversation prompts that they give it. Aria is using the image generation model Imagen2 by Google to generate pictures for its users.

To generate an image, simply open a chat with Aria in the sidebar, then give it a prompt indicating that you want to generate an image followed by the description of what you want in it. An image can be “re-generated” in case a user is not satisfied with the end result, which can be done from the dedicated button positioned in the top right corner of the picture.

The second feature coming to the browser, Voice Output, can be triggered by starting a chat via the sidebar icon. Simply hover over the response to get different options and then click on the speaker icon to hear Aria’s voice.

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Finally, Opera revealed that with the latest update, Aria is learning to speak more naturally thanks to the use of Google’s basic version of Wavenet model.

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