OnePlus Watch 2 rolls out new update that enhances functionality and adds two new apps

OnePlus Watch 2 rolls out new update that enhances functionality and adds two new apps

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OnePlus continues to refine its popular smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch 2, with a new software update. This update, designated A.94, introduces a variety of features designed to enhance the user experience and expand the watch’s capabilities.

As spotted by @1NormalUsername on X (and reported by Android Authority), one of the standout additions is the inclusion of two new apps: Relax and Barometer. The Relax app guides users through breathing exercises to promote calmness and stress reduction, while the Barometer app provides readings of atmospheric pressure, a feature potentially useful for outdoor enthusiasts and weather watchers. Here is the full changelog provided:


This update introduces several new features and fixes known issues. Update now for a smoother user experience.

  • Optimizes data display during workouts.
  • Adds support for accessing Music Controller by swiping left during a workout.
  • Adds Relax and Barometer apps.
  • Adds new features in the Phone app in Power Saver mode, including displaying contacts, favoriting contacts, and displaying call logs.
  • Adds support for turning off “Tap to wake.”
  • Enhances the experience of removing a watch face.
  • Optimizes some workout and health algorithms.
  • Fixes other known issues.
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Images credit: Android Authority

The update also addresses a range of other aspects of the watch’s functionality. Workout data display has been optimized, and users can now access the Music Controller directly from the workout screen with a simple swipe. The Phone app in Power Saver mode has also been expanded to include contact display, favorites, and call logs.Additionally, the update introduces a toggle for Tap to Wake, refines the process for removing watch faces, and optimizes various workout and health algorithms. Other known issues have also been addressed to ensure a smoother user experience.

The workout screen itself has been enhanced to display five fat-burning zones instead of three, and a swipe gesture now offers quick access to the Music Controller. Further enhancements include a new battery tile on the home screen and a toggle for the Tap to Wake feature. This update (full version OPWWE231_11_A.94) is currently rolling out.

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