Nothing Phone (2) joins the Android 15 Beta party, but not without a few hiccups

Nothing Phone (2) joins the Android 15 Beta party, but not without a few hiccups

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Google’s Android 15 beta program, initially exclusive to Pixel devices, opened its doors to select devices from other manufacturers in mid-May. Nothing, the London-based phone company, was among the first to embrace this opportunity, initially offering the beta for its mid-range Phone 2a. Now, the company has extended this early access to its flagship device, the Nothing Phone 2.As reported by 9to5Google, a developer build of Android 15 is now available for Nothing Phone 2 users to test. Nothing updated its May 14th tweet, initially announcing the Phone 2a’s participation in the beta program, to include the availability of the Android 15 Developer Preview on the Phone 2 as well. This update is also reflected in Nothing’s community discussion post, which now lists both the Phone 2 and Phone 2a as supported devices.

However, the rollout hasn’t been entirely smooth. Nothing advises users to have a secure backup of their data and be on Nothing OS 2.5.5 before attempting the installation, as the process formats the device’s storage and erases all data. The beta is still in its early stages and lacks certain features, making it primarily suitable for developers and advanced users. Nothing explicitly warns against installation for inexperienced users due to the beta’s incomplete state.

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Some known issues include the inability to register fingerprints or use face unlock, along with the absence of pre-installed apps like Nothing X, Weather, Launcher, Recorder, and Widgets. Furthermore, users have reported problems with the installation process, with some experiencing a reboot loop after attempting the update.

Despite these challenges, those eager to experience Android 15 on their Nothing Phone 2 can refer to the detailed instructions provided in Nothing’s blog post. However, exercising caution is advised, either by waiting for Nothing to address the reboot loop issue or by proceeding only if the Phone 2 isn’t their primary device.

This early access to Android 15 demonstrates Nothing’s commitment to providing its users with the latest software experiences. As the beta program progresses and issues are resolved, more users will have the chance to explore the new features and improvements that Android 15 has to offer on their Nothing Phone devices.

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