New evidence pops up to seemingly confirm Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra existence… and nothing more

New evidence pops up to seemingly confirm Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra existence… and nothing more

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If you’re a hardcore Samsung fan interested in foldable phones that look like futuristic books, you may have started to wonder whether you should prepare to splash the cash on the fast-approaching Galaxy Z Fold 6 or wait a little bit longer for a possible new addition (or two) to the industry-leading product family.

Said addition could carry an Ultra or Slim moniker (unless those are actually two different models), and according to the latest rumors, its release is unlikely to take place by the end of 2024. While some sources even suggested at one point that the Z Fold 6 Ultra was merely a figment of the imagination of other so-called leakers and insiders, there’s new evidence today that pretty much etches this handset’s existence in stone.
We still have no idea exactly when it’s supposed to come out, but a Samsung device with the model number SM-F958 is definitely in the pipeline, as confirmed by its battery’s certification in India (via MySmartPrice). That’s clearly close enough to the presumed SM-F956 model number of the “regular” Z Fold 6 to suggest a strong family resemblance, and because the digit that differs is higher here, we’re most likely dealing with a more advanced member of said family.
Unfortunately, we have no news to bring on the phone’s actual battery capacity, charging speeds, or… any other specs or details that might interest a prospective buyer of a state-of-the-art Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra. Previous rumors have wildly varied, calling for everything from a built-in S Pen slot to no stylus support at all, better cameras, bigger screens, or a refined design with a thinner profile to set this bad boy apart from its “vanilla” sibling.
But at the end of the day, those are all to be treated as educated guesses (at best) or unfounded speculation (at worst), as the only thing we really know is that Samsung is working (behind the scenes) on more than one Z Fold 6 variant to be released… at some point in the relatively near future.
The Z Fold 6 Ultra or Z Fold 6 Slim could even be joined to market by a lower-cost and lower-end Galaxy Z Fold FE model in early 2025, but that’s another unconfirmed theory posited by certain tipsters and contradicted (in part or in full) by others.

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