‘My family’s life changed…’: KKR star Rinku Singh reveals special meaning of his tattoo | Cricket News

‘My family’s life changed…’: KKR star Rinku Singh reveals special meaning of his tattoo | Cricket News

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NEW DELHI: Kolkata Knight Riders star Rinku Singh shared a personal story on the Knights Dugout Podcast, explaining the significance of the tattoo on his right arm which is very meaningful to him.
Rinku, who has been a crucial player for KKR, revealed that the tattoo on his right arm holds a special meaning for him. It was etched into his skin when he was selected for the KKR team, marking a pivotal moment at 2:20 PM that turned his family’s fortunes around.

“This was made when I was picked for KKR.

I think it was 2:20 PM. My family’s life changed from that very point. I was auctioned for Rs 80 lakh. So the money solved all the family problems. We could repay all the debt. So my life changed from then,” said the 26-year-old batter.

The tattoo has the word ‘family’ inked on it, along with a rose and a peace symbol. Rinku’s journey to becoming a professional cricketer has not been easy, and his tattoo is a reminder of the struggles and the eventual success that has come his way.
Explaining his tattoo, Rinku added, “I have inked the word family here, a rose, and a symbol of peace.”
On a lighter note, Rinku also talked about an amusing incident involving a monkey. He humorously recounted how a monkey bit him six times, suggesting that the monkey might have taken a liking to him.
He admitted, “Monkey had bitten me six times. It was the same monkey. I think he fell in love with me.”

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On the cricket front, Rinku continues to be an important asset for his team with a total of 112 runs from eight innings. KKR fans are hopeful that Rinku will bring his best game to the field in the upcoming matches.
Following the defeat to Punjab Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders are set to face the Delhi Capitals in their next IPL 2024 season match at the Eden Gardens Stadium on Monday.


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