Motorola’s next big budget-friendly 5G mid-ranger shows its face (and curves) ahead of launch

Motorola’s next big budget-friendly 5G mid-ranger shows its face (and curves) ahead of launch

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Who’s ready for a new mid-range Motorola handset launch? Yes, we know we had one of those just a couple of weeks back, and another one a few weeks before that, not to mention a trio of Edge-series devices that included a budget-friendly Fusion model in addition to a high-end (ish) Pro and a decidedly premium Ultra around a month ago.

Given the quality of the images and the overall attention to detail, we don’t have any reason to doubt their legitimacy and accuracy, although some key pieces of information are not yet etched in stone. For instance, we still don’t know exactly when the G85 will be released and how much it will cost.

A €300 price point has been recently bandied about in Europe, where the G84 normally costs… €300 with 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage space. Like its predecessor, the Moto G85 is expected to start at 8 gigs of memory and maintain those two numbers for a top-of-the-line configuration.

Today’s product depictions showcase a largely familiar design with two rear-facing cameras, a centered hole punch, razor-thin screen bezels, and… dual curves. That might prove to be the G85’s most important change compared to a totally flat Moto G84 with slightly thicker screen borders.

The way the display wraps around this bad boy’s edges in these freshly leaked renders is clearly reminiscent of higher-end and higher-cost smartphones from years past, so if the Moto G85 5G does end up as aggressively priced as rumored, Motorola could definitely have another box-office hit on its hands here.

Unfortunately, we don’t expect the phone to ever see daylight in the US, which is even sadder when you consider its rumored use of a Snapdragon 4 Gen 3 processor, 50MP main camera equipped with optical image stabilization, and silky smooth 120Hz P-OLED display.

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