Mid-range Galaxy handsets may get One UI 6.1, but not the version with Galaxy AI features

Mid-range Galaxy handsets may get One UI 6.1, but not the version with Galaxy AI features

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Samsung has finished disseminating One UI 6.1 to its recent flagship models which means that it is time to push out the update to the manufacturer’s compatible 2023 mid-rangers. But there is a big difference between the version of One UI 6.1 that the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy Z Flip 4 received. Over the last couple of days, Samsung released One UI 6.1 for the mid-range Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54 in certain markets. The U.S. version of the latter model was among the mid-rangers receiving the update.

The version of One UI 6.1 that went to older flagship models included the Galaxy AI features such as Live Translate which allows two people speaking different languages to carry on a phone conversation with both parties hearing seamless real-time translation in their ears. Circle to Search allows a user to circle something on an image that he wants to know more about and circling the item with a finger initiates a Google Search of the item.

Browsing Assist summarizes and translates articles on a webpage while Transcript Assist creates summaries of meetings and translations. And while all of the Galaxy AI features are useful tools that help smartphone users, the mid-range models receiving One UI 6.1 will not get any of these Galaxy AI features. What those mid-range models will be able to do with One UI 6.1 is get new lock screen widgets, enhanced editing capabilities in the Gallery app, depth-of-field effect for wallpaper, other customization features, and more.

The Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54 won’t get any AI features with the One UI 6.1 update, not even the Circle to Search feature which doesn’t seem as processor intensive as, say, Live Translate. Since Samsung never said that it would add its cloud-based or on-device AI to these phones, owners of the mid-range devices should not have been surprised at Sammy’s decision to eliminate One UI 6.1’s AI features from the version of the update received by their handsets.

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