Meta reportedly working on earbuds with cameras and AI

Meta reportedly working on earbuds with cameras and AI

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As we’ve become accustomed to hearing this ever since 2023, AI’s reach is growing. Companies are in what seems like a race to include AI features as much as possible, and also working on making more wearable tech. Now, we’re hearing about another use case for AI that Meta is reportedly currently working on.

A new report says Meta is working on headphones with cameras and AI

A report coming from inside sources (those are unnamed) says that the company is developing headphones with cameras and on-board AI. The social media giant is now reportedly investing resources in this new project. The project is reportedly called internally “Camerabuds”. So far, it seems Meta hasn’t finalized the form factor yet. Currently, it’s said that Meta is focusing on removing potential obstruction by long hair, and ensuring the hardware remains cool under the load of AI and cameras.

The tech industry is indeed looking into ways of having wearable cameras. The Vision Pro, however, is a bit bulkier, while other attempts by Humane, for example, are having heating issues.

Of course, all of this info is unconfirmed and far from becoming official. It’s not clear yet when Meta will reveal something (and if) about these new earbuds.

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