Meet iPhone’s parents in Google’s latest #BestPhonesForever ad

Meet iPhone’s parents in Google’s latest #BestPhonesForever ad

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Those #BestPhoneForever ads depict an amazing friendship between iPhone and Pixel and they typically result in Pixel showing off some cool feature that isn’t available to iPhone users. While the latest advertisement is pretty much more of the same, it does introduce us to two new characters, iPhone’s parents (referred to by Pixel as Mr. “i” and Mrs. “i.”). So what does iPhone’s dad look like? He is a 2007 original generation model wearing a tie while iPhone’s mom is also an OG iPhone wearing what is supposed to be a dress.

The video starts with Pixel thanking Mr and Mrs. “i” for allowing him to stay over for dinner. Mr. iPhone says that iPhone has been talking to him about Pixel’s Audio Magic Eraser “which uses AI to reduce background noise in video.” Pixel is quick to show off this feature by telling iPhone’s dad that it will reduce the sound of a blender, and even the sound of his lathe when recorded on video. To prove that, Pixel records the lathe running and plays it back on his screen revealing that the sound of the lathe has been greatly reduced.

After Mrs. “i” says that she’s going to get her tap shoes, Google reminds us that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are the only phones with Audio Magic Eraser. On the YouTube listing Google wrote, “Pixel’s Audio Magic Eraser helps bring peace and quiet to the iPhone family dinner. Audio Magic Eraser uses Google AI to reduce distracting sounds with a few taps, so you can hear the ones you want.”

The video is called “Family Dynamics” and is the 18th video in the #BestPhones Forever series which goes back about 11 months. The comments on YouTube were positive as always. These videos have really captured the attention of the public. One comment, probably speaking for most viewers, calls on Google to “Please keep this series alive!” So far we don’t see any sign of Google halting this campaign.

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