LeBron James may have leaked Apple’s next big Beats product

LeBron James may have leaked Apple’s next big Beats product

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An unreleased Apple-made product appears to have randomly surfaced out in the wild, and the guy photographed carrying it around just so happens to be a little more famous (and way richer) than Evan Blass, Steve Hemmerstoffer, Roland Quandt, and the other folks who usually take care of mobile tech leaks.

With four NBA championship rings and four NBA MVP trophies (among many other accolades) to his name, LeBron James is of course highly unlikely to pursue a second career of showing off gadgets ahead of their official announcements. 

We’re also fairly confident that this is an Apple-sanctioned publicity stunt designed to build hype for a new Beats Pill speaker rather than an actual uncontrolled leak of said audio accessory. Either way, a lot of people familiar with Beats products seem convinced that what LeBron is rocking in that photo above is some sort of long overdue sequel to 2015’s Pill+.

That’s mostly because the Pill+ and the OG Pill never came with a handy carrying cord, but also because there’s absolutely no way that a legendary athlete with a net worth of over $1 billion would use (especially in public, and especially ahead of a big game) an archaic gadget discontinued more than two years ago.

Of course, there’s not a lot that we can say or assume about this presumed next-gen Bluetooth speaker based on the picture above. It… still looks just like a pill, and instead of making you ill, it’s likely to make you better by delivering some sick beats in excellent quality both at home and during your travels.

Given how old the first-gen Beats Pill and the Pill Plus are, any 2024 sequel is guaranteed to bring massive improvements to the table in terms of everything from connectivity to overall audio performance and battery life, so we’re definitely (cautiously) excited about this somewhat unexpected product revival from Apple. 

Don’t forget that a hot new pair of Beats Solo 4 headphones is also expected to see daylight soon, so perhaps these two devices will be unveiled simultaneously next month. 

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