Leaker who got their hands on iPhone 16 Pro’s screen has an exciting detail to share

Leaker who got their hands on iPhone 16 Pro’s screen has an exciting detail to share

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I am having a hard time believing rumors that the iPhone 16 Pro will not be a significant upgrade over the iPhone 15 Pro. First off, the screen size for both Pro models is expected to expand, which is anything but a small change, especially considering that this is the first increase since 2020. The phones are also rumored to get bigger camera sensors as well as a Capture button. And, according to a fresh leak, they will also have the thinnest bezels of any phone.You may argue over whether having the thinnest bezels is supposed to be a flex and this quality alone won’t be enough to make the iPhone 16 Pro one of the best phones of 2024, but it will surely help with the phone’s aesthetics.

According to Weibo leaker Setsuna Digital, the iPhone 16 Pro will have 1.2mm bezels, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max‘s border will be 1.15mm. In contrast, the iPhone 15 Pro‘s bezels measure 1.71mm, and the iPhone 14 Pro has 2.15mm bezels.

The leaker apparently got their hands on the display and measured the bezels themself.

Apple is rumored to employ the Border Reduction Structure (BRS) technology to make the bezels on its upcoming phones ultra thin. This tech will allegedly not only slim down the top, left, and right bezels, but also the bottom bezel, which was considered challenging before.

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In addition to improving how the phones look, the thinner bezels will presumably also allow Apple to increase the screen size on the Pro models without a proportional increase in their dimensions.

So even though the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are pretty much guaranteed to be physically larger than their predecessors, the change won’t be profound, thanks to the thinner bezels.

Apple’s suppliers were previously said to be struggling with Apple’s requirements, but it looks like all issues have been taken care of, and the iPhone 16 series is on track for the rumored September launch.

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