Last year’s Motorola Razr+ is today’s top foldable bargain at this huge ‘clearance’ discount

Last year’s Motorola Razr+ is today’s top foldable bargain at this huge ‘clearance’ discount

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Are you just about ready to welcome not one but two new Motorola foldables to a market segment that’s now dominated by Huawei on a global scale? US retailers are certainly preparing for that in the best ways possible, with the likes of Amazon and Best Buy frequently selling the Razr (2023) and Razr+ (2023) at their lowest ever prices, and believe it or not, Woot outdoing its parent company now… by a lot.

The Amazon-owned e-tailer is currently charging as little as $491.62 for a brand-new Motorola Razr Plus unit that would typically set you back $999.99… while regularly costing $699.99 nowadays at the top aforementioned US retailers.
Woot’s amazing new deal makes the high-end Razr Plus (2023) slightly more affordable than the “vanilla” Razr from last year, not to mention Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5, which remains massively more expensive even after a significant discount of its own.

Incredibly enough, your 491 US dollars and 62 cents will buy you a full 1-year manufacturer warranty, even though there is one little detail you need to take into consideration before pulling the trigger here. Woot’s deeply discounted Razr+ units are so deeply discounted in part because their retail boxes have been opened, and the devices themselves may show small signs of use due to being photo samples or “tested working customer returns.”

If you ask us, that’s not a big enough reason to turn down this unprecedented opportunity to save a likely unbeatable $410 or so on one of the best foldable phones money can buy today… and probably after the Razr+ (2024) comes out as well.

Yes, this bad boy’s sequel will obviously pack a newer and faster processor than the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, but many of the strengths highlighted in our in-depth review last year should be as true in 2024, including that gorgeous cover screen with thin bezels, the almost crease-less main display, the super-stylish overall design, and the excellent battery life.

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Because you’re looking at a clearance sale here, you may need to hurry and place your order as soon as possible or else Woot is likely to, well, clear out its inventory before you get a chance to save those big bucks.

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