Jack Dorsey steps down from Bluesky board, touts X as “Freedom Tech”

Jack Dorsey steps down from Bluesky board, touts X as “Freedom Tech”

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Jack Dorsey, once the CEO of Twitter back in the day before it was called “X,” has made a significant move by stepping down from the board of directors at Bluesky. Bluesky, in case you’ve forgotten, is a decentralized social media platform that focuses on putting users in control of their online experience, an ethos Dorsey had long championed.However, as reported by The Verge, Bluesky confirmed Dorsey’s departure and expressed appreciation for his contributions in building the platform. Dorsey also confirmed the same via his X account in a reply to a follower. Bluesky is, in turn, currently seeking a new board member who shares their commitment to a user-driven approach to social media.

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Dorsey’s decision comes shortly after some notable actions on X, the social media platform that was formerly Twitter and is now owned by Elon Musk. First, Dorsey dramatically reduced the number of accounts he follows on X, leaving only three prominent figures: Musk himself, Edward Snowden, and Stella Assange. Then, he shockingly made a statement calling X “freedom technology,” hinting at a potential shift in his focus within the social media landscape.While the exact reasons behind Dorsey leaving Bluesky remain unclear, the timing suggests a connection to his recent activity on X. Bluesky’s journey began in 2019 with Dorsey’s backing. His goal was to develop an open-source social media standard that would decentralize online communication, a concept he wanted Twitter to embrace. In 2022, Bluesky established itself as an independent company, and Dorsey took a seat on its board of directors.

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Currently, Jay Graeber (CEO) and Jeremie Miller (inventor of Jabber / XMPP) continue to serve on Bluesky’s board. It will be interesting to see how Dorsey’s departure impacts Bluesky’s trajectory, and whether his newfound enthusiasm for X signals a new direction for his involvement in the world of social media.

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