It’s not too late to save $100 on Google’s Pixel Watch and get a new smartwatch without breaking the bank

It’s not too late to save $100 on Google’s Pixel Watch and get a new smartwatch without breaking the bank

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Amazon has a sweet limited-time deal on the LTE version of Google‘s Pixel Watch 2, so if you are in the market for this bad boy and have missed our post about it, we suggest checking it out now!

But if you want to snag a new smartwatch at an even lower price and don’t need LTE, Amazon is also selling the OG Pixel Watch. This stylish timepiece is available at a lovely $100 discount, allowing you to snag one for under the $180 mark. Just be sure to act quickly, as the discount has been there for a while, and you never know when Amazon will decide to return the watch to its usual price.

Released back in October 2022, the Pixel Watch is Google’s first-ever wearable. However, fret not, as this smartwatch is a premium device through and through.

In addition to its sleek look, the OG Pixel Watch is packed with health-tracking features and can measure your heart rate every second. Furthermore, it now has an all-day battery life, which is pretty great, considering that users had to charge it twice a day when it first came out. Moreover, this bad boy runs on Wear OS, which means you’ll have a plethora of watch faces to choose from. There are plenty of apps, too.

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The OG Pixel Watch may not be a spring chicken, but it still has a lot to offer. Furthermore, that awesome $100 discount makes it perfect for someone on a budget and in the market for a new Google smartwatch to complement their Pixel phone. So, if you think this handsome fella fits the bill, don’t hesitate and just grab one now through this deal!

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