It looks like the Samsung Galaxy A54 is next in line for the One UI 6.1 update

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy A54 is next in line for the One UI 6.1 update

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Samsung is continuing its rollout of the One UI 6.1 update, now reaching the mid-range Galaxy A54. Following its recent re-release for several flagship models, the update is now being spotted on the A54 in Korea. 

Identified by build numbers A546SKSU4CXDC/A546SSKC4CXDC/A546SKSU4CXD1, the update is expected to progressively make its way to other regions in the coming weeks. However, as of right now, we know that it has been spotted in Korea as shared by Android enthusiast Tech enthusiast Tarun Vats on X (via Android Authority).
One UI 6.1 has already made a splash by introducing Galaxy AI to Samsung’s higher-end devices, such as the Galaxy S24, S23, and S22. This suite of generative AI tools enhances many aspects of the user experience, powering features like Live Translate, Circle to Search, and Chat Assist. Although the Galaxy S21 received a taste of this AI innovation with the Circle to Search feature, the full suite of Galaxy AI capabilities remains exclusive to newer flagship models, which will probably be the case here as well.

The actual timeline for the One UI 6.1 update’s arrival in other regions, including the United States, is yet to be confirmed. Additionally, the specific Galaxy AI features that will be accessible on the Galaxy A54 remains to be determined. However, this update signals Samsung’s commitment to providing its mid-range users with an enhanced software experience, potentially incorporating some of the AI-magic seen in its flagship lineup. Soon, Galaxy A54 owners will be able to look forward to a more refined and potentially AI-infused user interface as the update continues its global rollout.

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