It looks like AI is going to put Siri on steroids, letting you control your iPhone with precision

It looks like AI is going to put Siri on steroids, letting you control your iPhone with precision

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Even before ChatGPT was released, Siri wasn’t exactly anyone’s favorite voice assistant, and in the age of chatbots, we might as well call it a dumb assistant. Apple, which is counting on software to boost iPhone sales, will reportedly overhaul Siri to make it capable of controlling individual app functions, per a new Bloomberg  report.While Siri may have been mindblowing when it launched nearly 14 years back, today, you’d be lucky to get the response you wanted from it if you ask a question that’s even remotely complex in nature. That’s not to say it’s useless by any means.

The problem is, Siri like many other virtual assistants, can only understand a limited set of questions, and is no match for the likes of ChatGPT, which has spoiled users with its human-like conversational style. Of course, Apple has been trying to make Siri better along the way, by introducing things such as giving developers the capability to make their app’s content and functionality available to the assistant and allowing users to use Siri to initiate app shortcuts.

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With the next iOS release, the company will reportedly revamp Siri’s underlying software using large language models to supercharge its capabilities. The new and improved Siri will let you control specific app functions with your voice, according to today’s report.

This will be the first time that Siri takes command of all features within apps. The changes will let it control an iPhone or iPad with greater precision. For instance, it will be able to open documents, transfer a note to a different folder, send or delete an email, or email a web link.

At first, the new Siri will only be able to handle one command at a time, but you might be able to group different instructions together. For instance, you might be able to ask Siri to summarise a meeting that was recorded and then send it to a co-worker in one request.

In a later iOS 18 version, Apple’s device will use AI to analyze what you are doing and enable Siri-controlled features automatically. In the beginning, this functionality will be limited to Apple’s own apps, and support will be provided for hundreds of commands.The upgraded Siri will be one of the highlights during the June 10 Worldwide Developers Conference and is part of Apple’s broader AI strategy in its race to catch up with rivals.

Other AI-powered features that Apple is preparing reportedly include voice memo transcription and summary, recap of notifications and websites, automated replies, and photo editing.

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