iOS 18 update puts iPhone’s Voice Memos app on par with Pixel’s highly regarded Recorder

iOS 18 update puts iPhone’s Voice Memos app on par with Pixel’s highly regarded Recorder

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One of the most highly regarded apps made for Google’s Pixel phones is the Recorder app. Not only can you record meetings, and classes, you can read an AI-generated summary that gives you the highlights of a meeting or a conference. Quickly record that 3 am idea you got in your sleep or that song that just came to your mind. With summary keywords, you can quickly navigate to certain parts of your recordings that you want to hear or read (via the transcript). And because the Recorder app works offline, you can use it anywhere.

When you edit the transcript, the audio changes as well making it easy to find a specific part of a recording. You can share full recordings on the web, and segments of recordings on social media. Apple iPhone users have an app that is not quite as ambitious as Recorder called Voice Memos. This app does not give you AI-generated summaries nor will it transcribe your recordings. But in iOS 18, the Voice Memos app might end up looking very much like Pixel’s Recorder app thanks to Apple’s AI initiative that will kick off  for the iPhone with the release of iOS 18.
The iOS 18 update will add AI summarization and transcription to apps like Safari, Siri, Messages, Notes, and Voice Memos. Just like the Pixel’s Recorder app, this will allow users to see the keywords of a meeting so they can quickly grasp what it was all about. Apple’s AI initiative will not only be supported by iOS 18, it will also have iPadOS 18 and macOS 15 support. We will hear much more about Apple’s AI initiative next month during the WWDC 2024 Keynote to take place on June 10th.

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For more on Recorder, check out Google’s website about the app. Again, Recorder is available for Pixel handsets only. As for the Voice Memos app for your iPhone, if you accidentally deleted it, tap on this link to install it from the App Store. If all goes as rumored, once iOS 18, and iPadOS 18 are released, iPhone and iPad users will have a Voice Memos app that can challenge Pixel’s Recorder app for usefulness and features.

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