Introducing PhoneArena Battery Score: an easier way to learn about battery life on your phone

Introducing PhoneArena Battery Score: an easier way to learn about battery life on your phone

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At PhoneArena, we have been running extensive battery tests on every new phone that has arrived for review in the past five years. With a database of more than 300 tested smartphones (and more on the way!), we are ready to introduce new tools, so you can see all the smartphone battery info in one glance, as well as a new total score number.

We call all of those new tools the PhoneArena Battery Score.

You will already see it for devices we have reviewed in the past year, and we will be adding it to older device reviews and, of course, all future devices will have this new score. You can see how it looks right below:

PhoneArena Battery Score Widget

As you can see, you have the PhoneArena Battery Score first. The number is expected to give you a good estimate of real-world battery use, or “screen time” for your device.

It is derived from our three battery tests that we do for every phone we review.

A quick reminder, these are the:

  • Web Browsing test: a script cycles through a set of webpages, scrolls around each page before loading up the next one  
  • Video Streaming test: we stream full-screen video
  • 3D Gaming test: we run a 3D game with fine-tuned graphics and video settings
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All of these tests are conducted under the same brightness level on each phone (we set the brightness to an exact number before the start of testing, and we are using a professional colorimeter to ensure accuracy). Also, all tests are run over a Wi-Fi connection.

Additionally, you can see where each phone ranks among all devices we have tested, so you can easily say if it’s a top battery performer or not.

Right below, each of the battery test results, you can also see the average score for the category, again there so you can easily see how one specific phone compares to the industry average.

And finally, after our battery test results, you can find information about the charging specs and charging speeds for both wired and wireless charging to complete the picture.

PhoneArena Battery Life Comparison

Of course, battery numbers on their own are of limited use, and we have a number of tools for direct battery life comparison.

You can find these in our reviews, and very soon, we will launch a new page where you will be able to see the results from all phones we have tested and apply filters to easily see a specific comparison you are interested in.

Our battery testing takes a significant amount of time and effort, and we hope you appreciate the detailed information it provides in better assessing the ever-changing smartphone industry.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions about the PhoneArena Battery Score in the comment section below.

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