Interoperability between Google Chat, Slack and Teams exits beta testing

Interoperability between Google Chat, Slack and Teams exits beta testing

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Not many might remember, but Google announced last year during its Cloud Next event plans to implement interoperability between its Chat app and Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Powered by Mio, the functionality entered beta testing right away and was available to Workspace customers through a special program that they could enroll into.

Earlier this week, Google announced that after about one year of testing, interoperability between Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Slack is finally generally available for Google Workspace customers.

This means that organizations will now be able to use Google Chat and other messaging platforms like Slack and Teams within their domain to offer their customers a more seamless experience for their users.

However, there’s one major requirement that Google Workspace customers must meet in order to benefit from this interoperability. According to Google, a separate Mio licensing is required to enable interoperability between Google Chat, Teams and Slack.

The functionality is already available in both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains and doesn’t require any end user action.

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