Incredible new deal slashes a record $270 off 512GB Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 price

Incredible new deal slashes a record $270 off 512GB Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 price

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Even though today is just a normal Monday in May, Amazon and Best Buy are ready to transport you into November to treat you to a Black Friday-level discount on the beloved Galaxy Z Flip 5. Yes, one of the best foldable phones money can buy right now is a whopping 270 bucks cheaper than usual in a 512GB storage configuration with no strings attached and no hoops to jump through.

Believe it or not, this Z Flip 5 variant has never been this affordable before, at least not without an obligatory device trade-in, upfront carrier activation, or new line of service. Samsung‘s official US e-store, in case you’re wondering, is doing nothing to rival this amazing new third-party deal despite offering a bunch of hefty discounts of its own on many popular Galaxy phones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Typically available for $1,119.99, the 512 gig Galaxy Z Flip 5 is incredibly priced the same as an entry-level 256GB model at both Amazon and Best Buy, making the choice between the two an absolute no-brainer for a presumably limited time. If you hurry, you can opt for one of several super-attractive colorways as well, including cream, lavender, mint, and the somewhat boring but somehow always popular graphite flavor.

It obviously doesn’t take a very well-connected industry insider or leaker to anticipate that an upgraded Galaxy Z Flip 6 is around the corner, but the differences between the Z Flip 5 and its sequel may end up to be too marginal to justify waiting another couple of months or paying an extra few hundred bucks for the new edition.
For the time being, we remain as mesmerized as when we reviewed the Galaxy Z Flip 5 of its undeniably gorgeous design, large cover screen, excellent overall performance, solid battery life, respectable cameras, and above all, remarkably robust construction. Samsung’s software support is also second to none in today’s Android landscape, which certainly helps this bad boy tower above Motorola’s impressively affordable Razr (2023) and Razr Plus (2023) in terms of overall value for your money, especially at the time of this writing.

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