In one country, Samsung gives you a free Galaxy S24 or S24+ when you pre-order a new television

In one country, Samsung gives you a free Galaxy S24 or S24+ when you pre-order a new television

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How would you like to get a free Galaxy S24 or Galaxy S24+ phone? Per Forbes, last week Samsung kicked off a new promotion and the good news is that all you need to do to get the free phone is to pre-order another Samsung product. The bad news is that the product you have to buy is one of Sammy’s pricey new 2024 televisions including the Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, OLED, and Frame TV ranges. 

Now there are some important things you need to understand. To qualify for the free Galaxy S24 or Galaxy S24+, you must spend over £2000 ($2486.88). During the online checkout process, the free Galaxy S24 or Galaxy S24+ is added to the cart. Considering the pricing of these television sets, if all you really want is the phone, you’re much better off spending £799 for the Galaxy S24 or £999 for the Galaxy S24+ and forgetting the televisions.

Here’s how the deal works. Pre-ordering one of the lower-priced televisions (which still take a chunk out of your wallet) will result in you receiving a free Galaxy S24. If you pre-order a pricier television model, you’ll be eligible to receive a free Galaxy S24+. For example, pre-order the 55-inch Neo QLED 4K range at £2,099 ($2609.98) and receive a free 128GB Galaxy S24. Reserve the most expensive range, the Neo QLED 8K which starts at £3,699 ($4599.48), to get the Galaxy S24 Plus.

A couple of important things to know. This deal is only available in the U.K. (the pricing in British Pounds might have given that away), and it runs until May 14th. So if you wake up on May 15th ready to do the deal, sorry. 

There is some method to Samsung’s madness here. Offering a free Galaxy S24 flagship phone with the pre-order of a Samsung television makes sense for a Samsung promotion. After all, you can stream your television to your phone and cast content from your phone to your television. You can use your Galaxy handset as a remote control for your Samsung television and even change some of your television’s settings using the phone.

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