In iOS 18, iPhone users can set reminders directly from the Calendar app

In iOS 18, iPhone users can set reminders directly from the Calendar app

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According to AppleInsider, sources familiar with the pre-release version of iOS 18 note that there is some integration between the Calendar and Reminders apps in the upcoming build of the iPhone’s operating system. With the new version of the Calendar app expected to be released with iOS 18 (and macOS 15) later this year, users will be able to create and schedule a reminder while the Calendar app is open eliminating the need to open the Reminders app.

Tapping on an area seen in the Day, Week, or Month views on the Calendar app on the pre-release versions of iOS 18 and macOS 15 provide users with an option to set a new reminder, or schedule a new event. Both options appear inside the same element on the app’s UI which saves time when creating a new reminder or event. When creating a new reminder via the Calendar app, users will be allowed to add a title and leave a note so that the user can leave a description adding context to the reminder.

You might be creating new reminders through the Calendar app in iOS 18 and macOS 15, but the reminders will work in the same manner as they do now when you schedule them in the standalone Reminders app. Setting a reminder in the Calendar app will allow users to select a date, time, and location for a specific reminder and will allow you to add a priority setting.

Because both the Calendar app and Reminders app will be integrated, reminders you create in the former will also appear in the latter; at least they have in the pre-release version of the new Reminders app. No matter whether a reminder was created in the Calendar app or the Reminders app, all notifications dealing with a reminder will be connected to the Reminders app.

You can also expect a little UI facelift for the Calendar app. We should learn more about what Apple has in mind with not just the Calendar and Reminders app, but with iOS 18 in general when WWDC 2024 begins on June 10th. During the event, Apple is expected to reveal new AI features we might see added to iOS 18 and Siri. Other Apple apps such as Safari will also be enhanced thanks to new AI backed features.

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