Hurry up and get a rugged Apple Watch Ultra with 1-year warranty for the price of a Series 9

Hurry up and get a rugged Apple Watch Ultra with 1-year warranty for the price of a Series 9

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Superseded by the Apple Watch Ultra 2 last fall, the OG 2022-released Apple Watch Ultra is obviously no longer the best smartwatch iPhone users can buy. But in many key ways, this rugged timepiece is still a lot better than the newer Apple Watch Series 9, which is why it’s naturally significantly costlier as well.

Unless, of course, you get it from Woot, where it’s currently priced at only $438.75 in “grade A” refurbished condition with a titanium case (obviously) and a love-it-or-hate-it white ocean band. That may not sound very cheap by “conventional” smartwatch standards, but it’s important to remember that the Apple Watch Ultra saw daylight at a recommended price of $799 less than two years ago.
Two years is not a very advanced age for an Apple-made wearable device, mind you, especially with a sequel around that might as well be its twin brother. That’s right, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is pretty much identical to its predecessor, merely bringing some extra screen brightness and a new Double Tap gesture to the table.

That makes the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra highly desirable at a discount of more than 360 bucks, and if you’re worried about the aforementioned refurbished condition of these massively marked-down units… you probably shouldn’t be. That’s because Woot is ready to vouch for their “like-new functionality” and “minimal cosmetic damage”, backing your purchase with a nice and lengthy 1-year warranty.

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In contrast, the cheapest “renewed” Ultra devices available on Amazon don’t have any warranty terms specified (which is rarely a good sign) while costing around 40 bucks more and technically still being sold by a third-party merchant… that’s not even owned by Amazon (as is Woot’s case).

At less than $450, this cellular-capable 49mm Apple Watch Ultra is pretty much as affordable as a 45mm Apple Watch Series 9 with 4G LTE connectivity. And while the Series 9 packs a newer and technically faster processor, the Ultra comes with a larger (obviously) and higher-res display, as well as better battery life, better water protection, better GPS coverage, better build quality, and yes, better overall fitness tracking. 

Ultimately, choosing between the two feels like a no-brainer, and although the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is slightly better than the Ultra 1, the difference in price is arguably too big to justify the purchase of the newer generation. What we’re trying to say is that this Woot deal is a must-buy, which is why you only have a few days (at best) to take advantage of it.

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