HTC could launch another mid-range smartphone this summer

HTC could launch another mid-range smartphone this summer

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HTC is no longer playing the flagship game, not even once per year. The Taiwanese company shrunk its mobile business to an almost insignificant size, which is why we no longer see new HTC phones very often.

Although most of its revenue now comes from its VR business, HTC continues to launch phones. That said, A new mid-range HTC-branded phone was spotted on Geekbench, the benchmark aggregator for many types of devices (via MySmartPrice).

The phone is listed as HTC 2QDA100, which doesn’t say that much. Perusing the data registered by the benchmark app, one thing is quite certain, the phone will pack 12GB RAM. The chipset powering the unannounced HTC phone features eight cores and it’s listed with its codename, “crow.”

Fortunately, we already know that this is the codename used for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset, so that’s the processor that will power HTC’s next mid-range smartphone.

Besides being spotted at Geekbench, the HTC 2QDA100 has also obtained the needed Bluetooth SIG certification. Sadly, this doesn’t reveal any additional information about the phone apart from the fact that it comes with Bluetooth 5.3 support.

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The Geekbench listing dates from April 25, while the Bluetooth SIG certification was obtained the next day. Even though in both appearances only the phone’s codename is shown, this might actually be HTC U23’s sequel, which was launched nearly a year ago.

If HTC maintains the tradition, its next mid-range phone will be introduced sometime this summer, possibly in June or July.

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