Hot new deal makes T-Mobile’s ultra-affordable 5G Home Internet service even more appealing

Hot new deal makes T-Mobile’s ultra-affordable 5G Home Internet service even more appealing

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What could possibly be better than joining a blazing fast 5G Home Internet network at a “locked” price of $40 a month (with AutoPay and an existing “premium” voice line)? How about being able to do that while also receiving a nice smart home gift worth a whopping 230 bucks?

Yes, T-Mobile is giving you one more reason to ditch your current broadband service provider starting today, offering a complimentary Blink Outdoor 4 two-camera system and Blink Mini Pan-Tilt camera to all new 5G Home Internet and Small Business Internet subscribers for a “limited time.”
Because there’s no expiration date mentioned anywhere in T-Mo’s latest press release or on its Home Internet-dedicated website, we strongly urge you to hurry, open a “qualifying” new line of service as soon as possible, and register for a redemption code of your two cool freebies after no more than 30 days.

You’ll then need to wait for said code to be automatically validated once you reach the 60-day service mark, at which point you should be able to order the two aforementioned items on Amazon without having to pay anything.

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With two outdoor smart security cameras and a rotating indoor plug-in unit, you’ll definitely get rid of a lot of the stress typically associated with moving into a new place. Of course, you can install these bad boys in your existing house as well, and turn your back on Xfinity or Verizon to minimize your monthly internet spending and keep those speeds up.

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