Hardcore Samsung fans can’t get a better deal than the noise-cancelling Galaxy Buds FE right now

Hardcore Samsung fans can’t get a better deal than the noise-cancelling Galaxy Buds FE right now

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Can you get a better pair of true wireless earbuds for your Android phone than the super-premium Galaxy Buds 2 Pro in 2024? Probably not, at least until Samsung rolls out the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro (possibly alongside a “standard” Galaxy Buds 3 edition) in a couple of months or so.

But if you have less than $100 to spend, the Galaxy Buds FE might be right for you, especially at a rare $25 discount from a $99.99 list price that always seemed pretty reasonable for some noise-cancelling earbuds with solid battery life and excellent audio performance.

How rare is it to see these bad boys sold at such an amazingly low price without an obligatory trade-in or other strings attached? Believe it or not, we don’t remember a major US retailer like Amazon ever offering precisely this discount before, although the Galaxy Buds FE were marked down even lower a few different times… in November and December 2023.

Because there are no guarantees that slightly deeper $30 price cut will return anytime soon (or ever, for that matter), we strongly recommend you at least consider pulling the trigger at a cool $25 discount today on your favorite of two Galaxy Buds FE color options.

If you hurry, you can go for a white or “graphite” hue, both of which nicely complement a surprisingly distinctive and elegant design for such affordable wireless earbuds. These are the first-ever FE-branded Galaxy Buds, mind you, thus targeting hardcore Samsung fans… who don’t expect to be able to afford the upcoming Buds 3, let alone the Buds 3 Pro.

For their newly reduced price, the Galaxy Buds Fan Edition deliver pretty much unrivaled value right now, with not only premium active noise cancellation supported, but also Ambient Sound, Auto Switch, seamless pairing with other Galaxy devices, up to 21 hours of total battery life (with ANC switched on), and even real-time translations powered by Galaxy AI.

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