Gta 5 Me Jo City Hai Wo Asli Me Kahi Majood Hai

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“Grand Theft Auto V” (GTA 5) ka setting kaafi bada aur open-world hai, jise Los Santos naamak fictional city represent karti hai. Los Santos ko California ke Los Angeles se inspire kiya gaya hai. Lekin, GTA 5 mein dikhaye gaye sthal, imarat, aur kuch landmarks real-world Los Angeles se milti-julti hain, lekin puri tarah se match nahi karti.

GTA 5 ke Los Santos mein kuch pramukh sthal hain jaise ki:

  1. Vinewood (Hollywood): Vinewood Los Santos mein Hollywood ko darshata hai, jisme film industry aur celebrities ke liye prasiddh jagahen hain.
  2. Del Perro Pier (Santa Monica Pier): Del Perro Pier Santa Monica Pier ko yaad dilata hai, jo Los Angeles ke sahil par famous hai.
  3. Los Santos International Airport (LAX): Game mein dikhaye gaye airport ka design Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) se inspired hai.
  4. Mount Chiliad (Mount San Jacinto): Mount Chiliad ka design Mount San Jacinto se milta-julta hai, jo Southern California mein sthit hai.
  5. Chumash (Malibu): Chumash area Malibu ko represent karta hai, jo Los Angeles ke north-west mein hai.
  6. La Puerta Freeway (Los Angeles Downtown): Game mein dikhaye gaye downtown area ki jagah real-world Los Angeles Downtown ko yaad dilata hai.
  7. Los Santos River (Los Angeles River): Los Santos River ka design Los Angeles River se inspired hai.
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Yeh sirf kuch examples hain aur game mein aur bhi kai jagahen hain jo real-world locations se inspired hain. Lekin, dhyan rahe ki GTA 5 ka world fictional hai aur game developers ne kuch creative liberties li hain to make the game more interesting and diverse.


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