Google’s Find My Device network availability closes in as notification emails get sent out

Google’s Find My Device network availability closes in as notification emails get sent out

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If you’re an Android user in the US and Canada, get ready for the rollout of Google’s upgraded Find My Device Network. You may have gotten an email from Google with the news, and you should soon see a notification on your devices about the expanded network. This enhanced network helps users locate a greater range of lost devices, even if those devices are offline.The rollout began last month, initially focusing on helping users locate lost or misplaced smartphones and tablets. This month, Google plans to expand support to include compatible Bluetooth trackers from third-party developers, such as Eufy, Chipolo, and Pebblebee. If you’ve ever wished you didn’t need to rely on Tile or Apple’s AirTag when something important goes missing, this update will be a welcome change.Since the launch announcement, Google has put quite a bit of effort into explaining how the network operates. It leverages what is essentially a crowdsourced mesh network of Bluetooth signals from Android devices participating in the network. If, for instance, your phone happens to walk near a lost pair of wireless earbuds that are supported, the network helps reunite you with them.

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Google stresses that security and privacy are crucial in this process, with encrypted location data and restrictions on what Google itself can see. Users of the service retain full control over what information the system tracks.

As 9to5Google reports, new options in the Find My Device settings will allow you to customize how much or how little your devices participate in tracking down lost gadgets. You can disable network assistance, restrict it to high-traffic areas, or turn it on fully to aid in finding your devices even in low-traffic situations.

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As the month progresses, you will want to keep an eye out for a notification on your Android device. This notification will tell you when the feature is fully enabled and how to adjust the settings to fit your preferences. I am hoping the Find My Device rollout is a success, as we have been needing something like this for years on Android.

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