Google pushes back on Epic Games’ demands in antitrust case

Google pushes back on Epic Games’ demands in antitrust case

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Google is fighting back against Epic Games’ proposed changes to the Google Play Store, following a ruling that found the tech giant was acting unfairly as a monopoly. However, Google maintains that these changes would harm user privacy and security, and hinder competition, while Epic argues that its proposals are necessary for a truly competitive mobile marketplace.The dispute began when Epic Games, creator of the popular game Fortnite, challenged Google’s 30% commission on app store purchases, as well as restrictions on how apps are distributed on Android devices. This is part of a broader antitrust battle against tech giants, including a similar Epic case against Apple and the Justice Department’s case against Google regarding its search monopoly.

In its recommended changes to the Play Store, Epic Games asked for the ability to distribute its own app store on Google Play without fees, as well as access to the catalog of app and game titles. It also wanted Google to end all practices that it believes give Google Play an unfair advantage.

Google argues that Epic’s suggestions would jeopardize its ability to protect users against harmful apps and other security threats. It claims that, without Google’s safety measures, users would be more vulnerable to malware and data breaches. Google also points out that giving in to Epic’s demands would limit competition in the app store market, hindering Google’s efforts to partner with developers.

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In support of its position, Google points to a separate settlement it reached with state attorneys general. This settlement promised changes to Google’s app store practices and could potentially address some of the issues Epic raised. Google insists that Epic’s proposal goes beyond what’s necessary and that its existing settlement agreement is a more reasonable solution.

This latest development was brought to light in a report by TechCrunch, highlighting the ongoing legal battle between these two major players in the tech industry. The judge’s decision will be crucial in determining the future of app store regulations and could significantly impact the way developers and consumers interact with mobile app marketplaces. We’ll have to wait and see what the next move will be in this game of chess.

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